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Xiyan Vampire: A "phenom" must read

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Xiyan Vampire: A "phenom" must read

Post by GrimJaweMystique on Tue Oct 22, 2013 8:55 pm

Notice: This version of vampire was/is derived with the intent of the species being unique to Xiya. While this species will share similarities to "Earth Based Vampires" - it's to be expected since fragments of research concerning the "Vampyric Lore" were intentionally utilized. This species is as it is written here in Xiya and thus it's how the "Vampire" species in Xiya is expected to built, with choice abilities added in by the constructor of various characters for play (You the roleplayer).

Xiyan Vampires

Vampire (As defined by Webster/oxford dictionaries.): WEBSTER: (In folklore) a corpse supposed to leave its grave at night to drink the blood of the living. OXFORD: A fabled creature that sucks the blood of sleeping persons.

Vampirism in Xiya: Vampirism (In Xiya) is an incurable disease that’s transmitted through a vampyric bite per the venom that’s frequently amassed within the concave chambers of the vampyric incisors. The venom is injected as the internal glands have pressure asserted upon them; however, the venom is released based on the intention of vampire. Accelerated mutation would occur after the initial bite was administered where then heart and lung function cease while the victim maintains a conscious “life”. Howbeit brain function is increased and over stimulation therein occurs. With the over stimulated mind in play increased awareness and instinctual patterns are instilled and thereafter it’s not uncommon that superior attributes are obtained.

Process Of Vampirism:
This process would be horrifically painful once certain organs cease operation. Tremendous waves of agony would come to the heart, abdomen, lungs and mouth. The incisors would elongate as the roots of the tooth deepened and the hollowing of the sockets in place of the original roots would follow the sequence of events. The cavities would harden inwardly with new muscle tissue as the gland was constructed and filled will venom. Frothing at the mouth isn’t uncommon. It’s said that the process of vampirism is the similar to dying a thousand deaths as its so excruciating. A new vampire may be incapacitated for 2 to 3 weeks after infection settles in. Due to the hormonal imbalance, fresh vampires will be extremely moody and quick to agitate and it doesn’t help their cause that they’d feel this nagging sense to feed every minute of every hour for the first year. Vampires refer to the first year as “Being in the state of genesis”.

Physical traits: With this mutation and time, the epidermis will lose its color and it’ll be as though it’s been washed out. Elongated fangs will be a prominent feature along with increased length of fingernails which will resemble a smaller version of talons. The eyeballs are generally found in shades of grey, amber or on occasion scarlet. The reasoning as to why is left to mystery although it can be stated that the vampyric eye has far more capabilities than the average eyeball.

Civilized: Civilized vampires are much like the typical population. They live harmoniously amongst one another and alongside other species (Although just like any other species it’s expected that there will be a few miscreants.) These civilized vampires happen to believe that humans aren’t just something that should be done away with, despite the fact that so many human beings feel that vampires are “treacherous beings” considering the vampyric food source. To each vampire their own personality.

Barbaric: Barbaric vampires have colonized in the catacombs and cave systems of Phenom and various other places. They are accepting of the vampyric race itself but however are not fond of the human food supply beings that the human race so frequently condemns them as “monsters”. They feel they should not be judged by a race as fragile as that of the humans and loathe the fact that the humans have forgotten that Vampires were at one point, one in the same species prior to infection. These tenacious barbarians will kill a human being without remorse and at any given time. They often hunt in packs due to the civilized laws that have been placed over the human race in Phenom.

Additional attributes:

1: Elder vampires who have walked Xiya for a great deal of time (longer than the “Newly infected” vampires) will have a wide span of difference between themselves and the newer generation. Since they’ve been exposed to the toxins of the vampyric disease for (hundreds of) years longer than their vampirised victims, it’s their brain that is far more evolved. That being said, it means that they will ordinarily have access to an array of psionic gifts, albeit a single vampire will –mostly- find that they are gifted in but one finite aspect of the wide assortment available to our knowledge. (Example: A vampire whose capabilities allow them to use telepathy might struggle with using pyrokinetics, etc.) Granted, there are a few select vampires that have been around long enough to have acquired two or three of these abilities. (Ask the game master for further information.)

2: Arcane Magick : As a vampire arcane magick’s can be learned.

3: The vast majority of vampires will excel in speed and agility with excess stamina to maintain impeccable results. Vampires can reach a /TOP SPEED/ of 36 miles per hour. (The record set by a real life human being is 28mph.) Bare in mind that it’ll take time to accelerate to such speeds as it’s not an instantaneous result. These entities are considered to be highly acrobatic and balanced. To conclude, not only is this species quick but their force of impact via a physical blow comes in with 1200 pounds of force (Shogun Rau {A real life human being} set the highest recorded punch with 1169 pounds of force, swinging at 25 miles per hour) Note: Some opposing creatures will be able to endure a blow from a vampire with relative ease.

4: To contend with their physicality, vampire’s eyes will have adapted to both their speed and the range at which one can see. An entity that can move at a pace as fast as/or faster than 36mph will be easily detectable unless super speeds of 100+ miles per hour are breached and in which case a vampire might struggle with visualizing the hasty object of observation. Furthermore, a vampire will have no error in seeing things during the night hours.

5: Theory Of Absorption: It’s theorized that when a human female who’s pregnant has been vampirised, that the human fetus is absorbed into their body and along with it so too is the infants spiritual essence, therefore it’s believed that there are a selection of female vampires who’re more spiritually gifted in their already enhanced state. Another theory is that if a human female is pregnant with a creature of fey, that the infant will reside inside the womb even after vampirism, and will be later birthed into the world, this pregnancy would have an increased time span of being. The fey child’s anatomical traits would most resemble that of the fey father but would have a few select traits of the vampyric race.


Ultra violet rays have extraordinary effects on vampyric tissue. Direct exposure (unless otherwise protected) will cause the epidermis to 1: Blister 2: Break 3: Break off until muscle tissue is exposed . 4: Blister and burn the muscle until the flesh has fallen off the bones. A newly infected vampire will suffer the series of unfortunate events in approximately a single half hour of exposure whereas an elder vampire will not see the final results until 7 to 8 hours after exposure. Concentration when subjected to U.V rays is most unlikely due to the severity of the damage being dealt during this vulnerable period. Magick and Psionic abilities will /HIGHLY/ impaired. Vampires /WILL NOT/ burst into flames.

Lack of meditation: Those who have great psionic abilities will also have to meditate (Possibly in a coffin) to constantly preserve psionic energy. A lack of meditation will mean a decrease in potency ones uncanny talents. When in engaging in battle psionic energy should be used wisely as the overuse may cause disorientation and psychological damage.

Disclaimer: Xiyan Vampires won’t react to Garlic, a wooden stake to the heart or silver. Holy water and the crucifix will not hinder them.

Death of a Vampire: Death will come of a beheading and/or being reduced to ash.

Note: This does not mean that other magicks are a variable that should be excluded.

Origin of disease:
In Xiyan mythology, there is said to be a lake sized pool of blood left behind from the Goddess Kali who had been served an injury while amidst a battle. During this transition of time she’d undergone an incarnation whose sanguine ichor was venomous and those who even remotely dabbled with it would be forever damned. Those exposed would be rejected by the light of day and in caves and the like would they have to live out the remainder of their existence. The other “gods” were fearful of what could become of the population should any find themselves in the proximity of Kali’s gore. Thus being said, they sealed it away having raised the earth around it in the formation of far-reaching mountainous terrain. It happened to be that a miniscule group of (4) humans had undergone an exploratory mission in which they found themselves within an interlinked stretch of caverns. While tunneling through them, in the belief that they’d found their way into dwarven mines, they eventually plummeted through a weakened passageway and into a pool of carnal fluids below and had succumb to the intense toxicity. It’s said that these members underwent a mutational process where their bodies and mind were ultimately tainted. One of them quickly perished when they set foot outside of the Kali Caverns and instant exposure to the sunlight resulted in the flesh being blistered off the bone. The other three were so frightened by what occurred that they refused to step past the carven entry way and retreated into the overshadowed confines of their soon to be grotto. They later ascertained that a lack of sunlight was crucial to their survival. Still, they had an insatiable appetite for blood which provoked draining the living animals of their internal fluids and ingestion thereof occurred. It was discovered some hundred years later that they could walk freely at nightfall and until the dawn of the sun had arisen the next morning. They used that time to feed but were later hunted after by the human species for identifying the human race as “Temporarily Thirst Quenching.” Two of the three vampires were beheaded in the hunt. One remained as his advanced agility and speed aided in his overall wellbeing. It’s fabled that he decided to spawn a whole new species when it was accidentally discovered that his elongated incisors were seeping a grotesque fluid after a portion of meat was caught up in between his teeth, pressing heavily against the internal glands. He soon realized he could control the muscles therein and produce the toxin on will. When he tested the noxious serum on a rabbit, he’d found it had become infected and had mutated into a beast unlike anything he’d ever witnessed. In repetition he decided to test his theory out, this time on a human being. Without fail, the chosen victim was vampirised and thus triggered an unpredictable reaction. He’d raise an army of vampires to get back at killing his comrades. All land would one day belong to the vampire.

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