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The Phenom Night Veil

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The Phenom Night Veil

Post by FoxyMystique on Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:42 pm

-The words that were spoken, they seemed garbled now in their resonation. The excruciating pain that swelled around the initial bite was more than distracting but she was determined to pay heed to the speech of the vampyriss that gouged her teeth into Aurora’s jugular vein only moments prior.- “You have an Empire to save, Empress. You better hurry along and pull yourself to your feet.” – Her thoughts ran rampant {‘What did she mean, Empress? Father and mother are the sovereign commanders of this land, not I. Unless, no. No! It couldn't be’.} Tears had built themselves around those sapphire eyes of hers and they spilled over the natural dam that was in fact a thin veil of flesh that composed her eyelids. She couldn't move. What the hell was wrong with her? She struggled to listen to what her predator was conveying. It all just seemed to damned callous. The creature bathed in its victory. Her words spewed off her tongue and dealt an emotional blow with a profound hint of venomous sarcasm. – “Yeah, that’s right. Your parents have been murdered and your empire is going to be reduced to dust. The flesh will fall off the bones of citizens and they’ll live on with nothing but unyielding pain. They’re all being vampirised as we speak, that or being eaten alive. Doubtlessly delicious.” –Those blond coils curled there way along the hind side of the assailant. Her eyeballs were like polished soil, rich in hue but marred with a deep seeded hatred. – “Really, you and your people brought this upon yourselves. God damn mortals and their ever so righteous asses, thinking they have the right to judge that which they do not understood.” –Wearily, it was Aurora who’d gripped at the slender blades of vegetation beneath her. She had to make a stand. She had to and yet couldn't. Where was Oceanious? Could he not see the dire predicament she was in!?! This was life or death and it seemed that death was on the horizon for herself and for her people and as for her beloved ones, if what was being told was true, then they’d already passed. How, how did this happen!?! A vile belting of laughter rang and thus she was left to die with the final words of the hostile victor. – “You have roughly five hours before the sun rises, Empress. You better get to it then. Tah-ta now!” –She trembled unceasingly; her body was giving out on her. Breaths had become shallower now. She’d gasp for air but received nothing for her efforts. Her vision had doubled and then blurred. A wrenching sensation of pain swarmed her gut and contoured its way up through the empty pit, into her chest, and then engulfed her throat. She clutched herself, wrapping her arms around her abdomen. Her unborn child, it was going to perish as well. She swore while completely outraged. – “GOD DAMN IT ALL!!!! - AAAAAH!!!!!!.” –The pitch that the scream came through at was enough to curdle the blood of any nearby passers. It was as though she was being mangled by some fierce savage who had ripped her limbs from her body without remorse. The zephyrs maiden lost all sight thereafter. All was dark. All that remained now was a deafening silence. A meadow littered with the body of herself and her sibling Adema. –

“Get up, you’re losing time. The dawn of the day is upon us and you have only a few spare moments to deliver this Empire its salvation.” – She felt. Yeah, she felt. It was essential. The very fact that she could feel symbolized some form of life or at least that was the case in her mind. The earth, was it always so unforgiving and rigid? Her fingers tugged at the dirt beneath her and they raked up leaves of grass and crumb figured pebbles as lithe digits clutched the ground. – “I – I can move.” – Aurora proclaimed haggardly, her voice but a mere rasp in the all consuming wind. – “Who’s there? Who said…….” – Her sight returned and to append it was unduly amplified. She could see just about every crevasse on the field flooring that sat underneath her, right down to minuscule black backed insect that had once the desire to claim her as its just deserts but now fled. Still, even with such keen sight she noted that there wasn't so much as soul around her. ‘So, then who?’ She pondered for but a fraction of a second. No, she hadn't the time to spare. She had to find away to deliver the empire from the damnation of the rising sun. She struggled to find her way upright and into a firm stance. Her legs were feeble and her feet numb and to add to her condition she felt entirely malnourished. ‘Was this the sort of hunger what one might call insatiable?’ She shook the thoughts from her mind as she wobbled first left and then unsteadily right in an attempt to reclaim her balance. Another gust came thus having sent her ratted mane into a flurry of strung out ebony tendrils. It was almost refreshing. However, it quickly came to her attention that she wasn't breathing and a sort of panic almost claimed her then. It was true. She was deceased! She eyed her hands as they quaked. They were washed of their natural pigment and pale now. Once again she had to force herself to focus and shake the fog of terror from her head . She had to achieve her goal. She would not let the people of these lands perish. ‘But where to head? The castle? Who would have the knowledge to bring about such a seemingly implausible feat?’ The new found empress shuddered with all the thoughts cluttering her mind. She still had a form of life and there wasn't anything she was capable of doing when it came to gaining triumph over the catastrophe that was going to ensue in just a few short hours. It may have been evident that she was in a state of fear as a look of horror washed over her visage, but it’d be her siblings call that would suffice in breaking the restraints that her mind placed on her. – “A-aurora!” –Adema coughed.- “The gypsy store! Magick, it’s the only way.” – Her eyes widened in shock. ‘How was Adema able to survive the….’ –She was cut off from her thoughts. Her sister pleaded with her. – “I cannot go Aurora. If you can, you must leave this place now!” –Without anything further being spoken, she prevailed over her body’s resistance to move. One foot set out in front of the other and she’d gracefully step forward as though she were the wind. – “That’s exactly it!” –Her right hand spurred forward and found placement in front of herself. She invoked the gales to aid her in her movement and they whelmed up and around her dainty anatomy. The bell of her dress ruffled wildly about and she rose from the earth and into the midnight skies; lit only by the cascading light of the moon. With exceedingly quick haste she soared above the forest frosted mountain tops and various valleys and plateau’s of her land until she was brought to the once boisterous capital. Amongst the dirt paved streets she arrived. On her own two feet she once again stood but what she saw before her would forever plague her mind. The pathways bore maimed bodies which had been recklessly strewn about in a multitude of directions. Many of these people would never again walk amongst her again, never communicate with their loved ones again and never see another sunrise. Blood spilled from disfigured corpses; appendages had been plucked off and strewn about as though they were meant to be shown as décor for the town. She urged herself to move forward and it took everything she had to keep her composure as she pushed up against the timber barricade of the gypsy shop that she’d frequently visited in the past. Generally she’d come for herbal things, but now Aurora would have to find something more. Something she hadn't ever had the intent of using in the past. Something magickal. -

The newborn vampyriss would relentlessly scour through the old shelves in search of something that pertained to the desperately needed spell-work. What she sought after were enchantments or anything that might be beneficial to her in this grave predicament. It was when Aurora had come across an ancient book bound in aged dragon flesh that she’d instinctively have known that her solution would in all likelihood reside within its texts. She unbound the book from its emerald ribbons and proceeded to skim through the hoary pages until she came across a single caption that read [ Night veil.] – “There you are!” she exclaimed with a quaint hint of relief.. –She foraged through the numerous ingredients upon shelves while grabbing at an assortment of things such as dried herbs, mythological fluids and dusts, but in addition it was a glossed orb pure in its obscure obsidian composure that would be taken as well. After having ransacked the place (of which she felt no guilt for) she started for the door with a satchel full of goods. It was then that she crossed paths with one of the barbaric fiends that had a hand in the ongoing atrocious slaughter. Fury overtook her as she watched it pull a limb off of a small canine. ‘Even the animals suffered this fate?’ –She questioned, but disgust overrode all other emotion. – “I curse you! “ –She wailed. Her right arm had once again sprung forth. Rifling off the end of her hand, a small twister of sorts had been set on its side and barreled outward to ensnare the vehement beast. The gales tugged at the entities meaty stems while viciously prying the flesh from the victim. That swine of a being would howl in the utmost painful cry but that too was soon drowned out by the dominating hymn of the tormenting gusts. It would restrain, constrict and deconstruct its body having crushed bones and tearing the male into carnage bits. It would not survive another day. The fact still remained true that hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn. It would take her but a second to move on from the defiled cityscape. The castles ivory towers were her destination. Her trek was a fearsome one as on several occasions in her passing had she found herself in a position where she’d have to defend herself and alike the fate the other putrid creation had met, so too would her remaining enemies. Breaching the castles entrance, the empress made her way through the frigid corridors but only to be met by another tragic display that staggered her steps and held her frozen in her tracks. – “Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!!! NOOOOO!.” –Sorrow overcame her; she buckled at the knees and landed amongst the sanguine stained tiles of the establishment. Their blood pooled around her and served as a speckled paint to the walls. Shred extremities lay divided in every which direction. From the intestines that were wound around the banister to their once beating hearts that had been so elegantly propped up upon the fire mantle and lastly, the severed heads of her parents that had currently replaced the animal mounts that once served as trophies out of the royals heinous hunting habits. Her dear mothers eyes had been filled with clotted plasma and her mouth had been left gapped open with an apple gripped between her teeth. The pain she endured was still effortlessly etched into the now contorted visage of the woman who had raised her. Her father’s features were completely mauled and hardly recognizable. If it weren't for his once ridiculous mustache, she may not have identified him as the man that was the acclaimed lord of Phenom. A horrific scream reverberated throughout the morbidly tarnished chambers. She felt that she had lost all that was intimately treasured. Her unborn child, her parents, and who knew if her sister had survived or not. Emotionally vexed, she sobbed. – “H-how do I go on?” – She stammered a whisper.

“How is it that this empire has fallen prey to such horrible events?” –No, it hadn’t fallen just yet. The answer was in the remainder of her soul. Her parents would never permit this great region to fall into unrecoverable distress. Aurora prompted herself to make a stand once again. This time she would feel as though she was dragging up a brick of lead. Every fiber of her being felt so heavy with grief but distressed lass continued to make her way up and around the spire of spiraled stairs. This misfortune weighed heavy in her heart. She had become tainted by hatred and disgust for the very beings that waged war on her home. She pried her feet up off the floor with every step she took, ascending up into the highest platform available in one of castle towers. The bay windows would be blown out by whirlwind brought on by the sorceress. Now, she stood gazing out upon the lands in turmoil with a bag of occult items grasped firmly in her hands. The twilight had begun its temporary retreat and the skies broke out with a medley of coloration in shades of peach and salmon. Aurora was on the brink of losing everything, but alas she drug a oak table toward the window. A metallic bowl, the obsidian globe and a variation of herbs were plucked from the confines of the acquired satchel. Working quickly, the combination of dried herbs and peculiar liquids were managed. Thereafter, the vampyriss set the large orb dead center into the depth of bowl itself. Reaching into her top, an article of paper was taken; with haste it would be unfolded by nimble fingers. – “Gods, please give me the strength to carry out this spell.” –She begged, doubtful of her capabilities but it was then that within her womb she felt a strong jolt. It shook her to the core. ‘Could it be?’ –She questioned herself. – ‘Could it really be!?!’ –Another jolt was felt. Her child, it was still alive. Saline tears ran down her distinguished cheekbones. For the first time she felt joy during this whole ordeal. – “Alright!” –She vocalized- “We’ll do this together, Foxy.” – Lithe fingers still clung to the single article of paper of which the spell was inscribed upon. Her other hand fell into a dusty jar filled with silver granules, of which she understood to be star dust. There in that moment she cast the spell that would forever alter the history of Phenom.-

“ Oh goddess of the night tide , I plea out to you. Heed my call oh divine one. The veil of the night, I summon eternally. With the skeleton of the stars and the feather of the huntress owl, I offer them unto thee. Ascend oh globe of the celestial deity and purge the skies of the destructive flames that sun burdens our heavens with. Oh twilight goddess, sprawl the blanket of darkness across the great blue skies, as I too give unto the sacrifice of a mermaids fallen tears and the blood of the great birch tree’s. The earth, the air, the water, the fire, return. This is my will and so mote it be!”

-A tempestuous eruption of shadow and spark billowed forth from the confines of the ceremonial bowl and hammered into the ivory ceiling whilst filling the vicinity with an enveloping cloud of coal smog. It’d not halt, barreling out and through the jagged open frame with a thunderous clap, sprawling heavenward thereafter. The earth trembled from the shockwave and wild gales snarled across battered terrain while the enchanted curtain cloaked the skies smothering out the dawning daylight. Darkness reigned over day; the sun would not prevail. Instead, the moons celestial grace made a stand and rose in the opposite direction of where the ball of burning fuel would have stationed itself. Its illuminating cast of light bore down onto the inhabitants and the heavens were thus freckled with silver spackle. The beatitude of nightfall there claimed the empire of Phenom as its own.-

-Aurora watched on astonished at the magickal feat but gave her gratitude however not for the supposed goddess that allowed such a phenomena to occur, but rather the child within who had given her the courage and strength to continue on the quest to save her people. -

The Night Veil: Is a magickally induced barrier that successfully thwarts out the sun rays and its appearance giving unto the region of Phenom the constant appearance of nightfall. During the daylight hours, the twilight scene is found to be moonless, whereas during the actual natural nightfall of Xiya, does the moon rise in accordance to its innate cycle which is as follows : First quarter, Waxing Crescent, New Moon, Waning Crescent, Third Quarter, Waning gibbous, Full Moon, Waxing gibbous. The veil will only remain in existence so long as the obsidian globe remains 1: Charged and 2: In tact.
Hidden somewhere amongst the nation of Phenom, Aurora travels to charge the enchanted artifact once a year so that darkness will forever claim her regions.

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